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A Pilgrim and the Greyman Cas Erchamion

A Pilgrim and the Greyman

Cas Erchamion

Published January 9th 2015
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 About the Book 

“I dreamed of a tiny ripple born in the heart of a storm. Resonating in the rage of an ancient enemy returned from exile, it became a wave. Echoing misery suffered by alienation, it gained tidal strength and lapped against the walls of an island sanctum, heralding both threat and blessing. Tall, strong and singular in purpose, the once tiny ripple grew into a tsunami, rolling quietly across the ocean towards a peaceful coastline. Unheeded, unexpected, the mighty surge collided against the will of an indomitable foe. The devastation left in its wake was a small price to pay for the calm that followed. The meek could inherit, at least for a short while, the earth. - Usher Ravenscrawl, Archivist of Twilenos.