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    Player Service

    Player Service Informations

    Few information about player service :

    We only support official applications!
    Form handling time - 48h

    Game Reports
    Event Prize Request
    Forum Tag Request

    Short guides:

    If your pilot steals your account, please make a request of your pilot to recover your account, not OmenMU staff.
    If your account was registered with a dummy e-mail, that is not our problem.
    If you get keylogged, purchase an an anti-virus and stop downloading cheats.
    If you forgot your password, recover it using your e-mail.
    If you forgot your e-mail, get some vitamin B-12, herbal supplements and omega-3 fatty acids. It's meant to help with memory.
    If your account magically gets hacked, and you didn't download any software, didn't share your account and you play from home, you're lying. Accounts don't just get hacked.

    Best regards,

    Team Mu Omen
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