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    Forum Guide

    These are the forum guide that every beginners should know.

    MU Omen Information
    News and Information - All the information from ingame can be found here. If you have some questions, your answer might be found there.
    Latest News - All the ingame updates can be found in this section. Make sure you stay updated.
    Server Downloads - This is where all the official download links can be found provided by the Administrators.
    Banned Account - Banned accounts from ingame or forum will be listed on that section.

    MU Omen Events
    In-Game Events- List of all the current events can be found here. Make sure you checked this section from time to time to have a chance to win awesome rewards.
    Forum Events - Not only ingame events, but Omen has also forum events. You can win rewards on our forum community.

    Help Section
    Help Section Board - If you have some questions or inquiry, visit this section. Answers will be provided as soon as possible.
    Guides - All guides can be found here. Just follow all these steps.

    General Board
    General Discussion - This is the place where players and admins will communicate. If you have some concerns just feel free to post on that section. Make sure it's an ingame related.
    Suggestion - Omen is always open for everyones suggestion. Let admins hear what you want.
    Spam Zone - Non-ingame related threads can be found here. Everyone can feel free to post on that section.

    Market Section
    Game Market - Got some items to sell? Post it there.

    Foreign Forums
    This is where people from each country communicates. You can use the language base on your country here.

    Moderator Area
    Post Reports - Not only ingame, but forum has also rules. If you know someone who breaks the rules, report it there.
    Infraction Users - Banned and infracted users will be posted in that section.

    GFX Zone
    Request Zone - Want to have decorated forum gear? Visit that section.
    Museum - This is the place where you showcase your GFX Talent.
    Gift Zone - It's the place where you give your artwork to someone.
    GFX School - Learn GFX by visiting on that section.
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