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  1. #1 Game update 22.01.2019 
    Change log:

    -Golden Goblin Hunt in Uruk Mountain Reward:1 Goblin Gold Coin

    -Boss Omenix Invasion in Elveland Reward: 1 WcoinC & 20 GP

    -Birthday Invasion in Atlans Reward:random item

    -Rabbit Invasion in Tarkan Reward:random jewel/muun egg

    -Omen Invasion in Aida Reward:random item

    -Added 3 spots and 2 npcs in Land of Trials

    -Exc and Set items drop rate increased-Land of Trials

    -Most bosses got now more hp

    - Changed PVM dmg for all class

    - Changed PVP dmg for all class

    - Removed custom modules from custom panel

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